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ListenABLE Podcast: Breanna Medcalfe (EC1C2 Incomplete Spinal Cord Lesion)

Starting with small practices of advocacy at a very young age, Breanna Medcalfe, 21, is setting out on a journey to educate others and be a young voice for people with disability. Already making waves in medical alum by being a Health Consumer Disability Representative Advocate we were very lucky to have this time with her before her stratospheric launch into high profile advocacy!

Moving from New Zealand to Australia after receiving a misdiagnosis, Breanna speaks to the support she’s been shown here in Australia including accessible events, horseback riding and mentoring from a previous ListenABLE favourite, Dinesh Palipana.

This episode also discusses the importance of a good support worker who in this case is happy to work the night shift in exchange for a good dance floor boogie. Chair users also stick around as Breanna has a trick to keep track of where your friends are when out on the town, and it's more simple then sending a text.

Breanna is also a student representative on the ADCET Advisory Committee.