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National Copyright Webinar Series


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The National Copyright Unit (NCU) offers a number of free webinar series to help teachers navigate copyright while teaching - including the ‘Copyright for Educators’ webinar series and The NCU Copyright Hour.

‘Copyright for Educators’ webinar series

These long-form webinars are open to all Australian schools and TAFEs (excluding Victorian TAFEs) and are targeted to educators, librarians and administrators. The webinars will cover topics such as:

  • basic introduction to copyright
  • what schools and TAFEs are allowed to do under the various education licences
  • free education use exceptions – flexible dealing, exam copying, performing and communicating works in the classroom and disability access exceptions
  • guidelines for schools and TAFEs about teaching students online
  • using Netflix, YouTube and audiobooks in class, including virtual classes
  • finding and using ‘Creative Commons’ licensed material and ‘Open Education Resources’
  • livestreaming of music performances/concerts.

Various dates throughout 2024 for TAFE and school staff to register for the 'Copyright for Educators' webinar series.

The NCU Copyright Hour: Short webinars

The National Copyright Unit (NCU) are running our short webinar series ‘The NCU Copyright Hour’ again in 2024. They are aimed at Australian school or TAFE educators, librarians and administrators on specific copyright topics.

These one-hour webinars will be conducted via Zoom.

Please note: when registering for a webinar please ensure you are signing up to the correct webinar for your sector ie TAFE or Schools.

Schools and TAFE: Creative Commons

Tuesday 13 February (12 – 1 pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • Copyright Basics
  • Open Education Resources and Creative Commons
  • Finding CC Licensed Materials
  • Licensing Your Learning Resources Under CC.

Schools: Copyright for School Resource Developers

Tuesday 20 February (12 – 1pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • Smartcopying tips
  • Creative Commons
  • Seeking permission
  • What if we don’t have a licence or permission?
  • Publishing material to a public website
  • Licensing your learning resources
  • Attribution.

Schools: Using Text and Artistic Works in Schools

Tuesday 27 February (12 – 1pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • Copyright Basics
  • Statutory Text and Artistic Works Licence
  • Education Exceptions
  • Audiobooks
  • Labelling and Attribution
  • Open Education Resources and Creative Commons
  • Smartcopying Tips.

Schools: Music and Copyright in Schools

Tuesday 5 March (12 – 1pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • Music and Copyright
  • Schools Music Licence
  • Education Exceptions
  • Seeking Permission
  • Creative Commons.

Schools and TAFE: AI and Copyright

Tuesday 12 March (12 – 1pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • What is generative AI?
  • Uses of AI in Education
  • Copyright issues when using AI
  • Ownership of copyright in AI generated works
  • Labelling and attributing
  • Developments in copyright law to address AI issues
  • Smartcopying Tips.

Schools: Using TV and Film in Schools

Tuesday 19 March (12 – 1pm AEDT)

It will cover the below topics:

  • Copyright Basics
  • Statutory Broadcast Licence
  • Co-Curricular Licence
  • Education Exceptions
  • Labelling and Attribution
  • Creative Commons
  • Smartcopying Tips.

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