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ADCET Webinar: Enabling inclusive employability - designing work-integrated learning that supports students in uncovering who they are, and who they want to become

This ADCET webinar presentation by Emily Jones (PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong), provided an overview of her doctoral research project that explores utilising Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to design work-integrated learning (WIL).

The study seeks to understand how the design of WIL experiences enables or inhibits higher education (HE) students’ perceptions of employability. The presentation included an overview of the research aims, the different stages of the research and the concept of utilising UDL for WIL.

This webinar was aimed at work-integrated learning practitioners, curriculum designers, educators in higher education and UDL practitioners.


Photo of Emily Jones

Emily Jones is a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong, researching inclusive WIL design. She is the Director of the Career, Co-op and Student Success Centre at Toronto Metropolitan University. In this role, she oversees the delivery of work-integrated learning, career development and student success initiatives. Emily is a dual Australian-Canadian citizen and is based in Toronto, Canada.

(November 2023)

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