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UDL Symposium: Plenary. Student Voices

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This panel session was an opportunity to hear student perspectives. In conversation with educators and learning designers from their own institutions we hear firsthand how UDL can improve student engagement and learning.


Justin Wylie, Central Queensland University, has worked in education for 12 years, initially in classroom teaching and, over the last six years, in the VET and University sectors as a learning designer. Discovering UDL was a turning point in Justin's professional journey. UDL bridged his deep commitment to equity and inclusion with the solid foundation of evidence-based teaching practices. This is an ongoing journey that will continue to evolve as he gathers more insights. Sustainability is a pressing concern in education, especially when it comes to changing or adapting practice. Academic and educator workloads have never been larger. 

Dr Jacqui Tinkler, Charles Sturt University


Mick Fleming is a 47 year old police officer who is a postgraduate student of CSU studying for a Masters of Education online while coordinating a class of the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (CSU) from the NSW Police academy. He was introduced to UDL by his lecturer in the introductory subject of the Masters and is a part of a pilot program offering IOA (Interactive Oral Assessments) to policing students to mirror conversations had in vocational settings. He is passionate about assessment reform to address and gauge students knowledge in a meaningful way as an associate lecturer and student.

Brooke Goetz was diagnosed with ADHD in the last term of grade 12, and she has spent the last 7 years trialing out ways to thrive with ADHD. A first-year uni student studying Occupational therapy part-time, with an Early childhood education background, Brooke has an interest in inclusion support and is excited to learn ways to help others thrive. Currently working at Mackay Gymnastics for their Gymability program, learning what she can and keen on figuring out ways to create a supportive environment. 

(September 2023)