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UDL Symposium: 3D. UDL in UpLift

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Live presentation including Q&A

This presentation will outline how UDL is included in 16 core elements as a part of Project Uplift at UNE. Project UpLift is part of the new Learning Management System (LMS) transition at UNE. The transition is considered as an opportunity to create inclusive learning. The presentation highlighted what UNE is doing to include UDL in newly designed units. The following points were discussed:

  1. A brief overview of Project Uplift and how it supports improved L&T
  2. The rationale around incorporating UDL as one of the elements, and how we hope it might support UNE student cohorts
  3. Overview of any current practice that is problematic in meeting those cohorts and the reliance on specific teams rather than built into good practice for all students to leverage
  4. Overview of processes, guides, website, exemplars, Moodle theme etc, being created to support Uplift generally and the UDL element specifically
  5. How do we intend to evaluate any next steps and how it might inform further practice?


Dr Kashmira Dave, Lecturer, Academic Development, University of New England

Ms Kate Mitchell, Senior Learning Designer, University of New England, has been a Learning Designer within Higher Education for about 10 years but worked in education for over 20 years. With a background in media production and secondary and vocational education, She has been a long-term advocate for flexible, accessible and multimodal learning experiences. Kate has research interests in Instructional Design, ePortfolios, equity and quality in online learning, and the perspectives of 'third space' roles that support technology in education.

(September 2023)