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UDL Symposium: 1D. Institution-wide embrace of Universal Design for Learning: A journey towards inclusive excellence

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Pre-recorded presentation with Q&A at the end of the session

University degree programs encompass a wide range of disciplines which by nature are pedagogically diverse. How can we achieve adoption of Universal Design for Learning principles in all curricula?

This presentation offered a pragmatic perspective on attempting institution-wide integration of UDL principles in every program, in every discipline. In this presentation, delegates gained an understanding of how one university is seeking to meet the challenges inherent in aspiring to such a goal through strategic integration of UDL principles, empowering staff through professional learning, gaining staff buy-in, assessing impact and ensuring future sustainability. The interactive Q&A session, through sharing and discussing this journey, led to new insights being gained together with practical suggestions for overcoming some of the remaining challenges. It is hoped that other institutions may be inspired to take similar actions to promote inclusivity in their own teaching and learning environments.


Dr Leitha Delves manages the Teaching Quality team in the Centre for Learning and Teaching at Edith Cowan University. With a long career behind her in learning design, curriculum development, and educational technology, she now coordinates ECU's Academic Practice Program for academics and staff who support teaching and learning at ECU.

(September 2023)