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UDL Symposium: 4C. Weaving the thread of UDL throughout the curriculum tapestry

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Pre-recorded presentation with Q&A at the end of the session

UniSC has formalised the incorporation of accessibility and UDL in L&T initiatives for the past 10 years. They have done this directly through projects focused on accessibility and UDL and indirectly by weaving it into the scope of many other projects.

The central questions around our initiatives include:

  • "What can individuals do with their online materials to enhance the student experience for all” and the challenges are how can a quality outcome be achieved within time and resource constraints?
  • How to decide roles and responsibilities, who does what i.e., academics, student services, learning designers, etc.
  • How can we leverage technology for more equitable and accessible learning experiences or to take on repetitive tasks?

Timeline: UniSC has incorporated elements of UDL over 10 years in both curriculum design and delivery. In reflection, UDL at UniSC has matured slowly through education, mindset changes, iteration and investment in technology. We recognise now that UDL is a continuum, and as new strategies, people and technologies pass through UniSC, we will continue to weave UDL into learning and teaching practices.

Spanning from 2015 through to present 2023, five initiatives combine to create the basic threads that have formed the ‘canvas’ of our approach. The impact has led to raised awareness overall of the importance of accessibility and UDL principles. Shared understanding of language, principles.

This session unpacked the details, demonstrating how their activities around UDL can be an effective ‘thread’ across multiple areas - even when it may not be possible to get a fully focused project underway.


Amy Sjoberg, University of the Sunshine Coast, has over 20 years in Australian higher education, She has a deep understanding of the sector and the needs of students and in the institution. Current focus areas: Canvas LMS, Accessibility & Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Artificial Intelligence in education and Professional Learning.

 Anita Jones, University of the Sunshine Coast

(September 2023)