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UDL Symposium: 4B. Large Scale Implementation of Same Language Subtitles - A Case Study

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Live presentation including Q&A

In today's digital higher educational environment, ensuring equitable access to audio-visual content for learners with diverse needs has become essential. Same Language Subtitles (SLS), also known as closed captions, offer a much more inclusive learning experience. SLS refers to the practice of displaying textual representations of spoken dialogue in the same language as the audio content. The presence of accurate and accessible subtitles has been found to improve comprehension, especially for learners with hearing impairments, in sound sensitive environments, those wishing to attain an additional language. They can also be used to create transcripts and be used by all students needing to engage with the specific and sometimes esoteric language of their chosen field.

This presentation outlined the process, based on the principles of UDL, of a large-scale implementation of SLS video content across multiple programs (degrees) of study in a fully online learning environment. It also provided insights into how SLS can be effectively incorporated to enhance accessibility and ensure an inclusive digital experience for all learners.


Stuart Dinmore, University of South Australia

(September 2023)