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Education Alliance - Sector Collaboration for better Student Outcomes

Education Alliance is designed to bring all the areas of School, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Alternate Learning together to talk about what is working well for students with disability in their transition to tertiary education and collaborating as a collective to address any identified gaps/barriers for students with disability.

The model was created specifically to increase collaboration across the sectors thereby enhancing connections and achieving smoother transitions to tertiary for students with disability. This is a unique model, originally developed by the National Disability Coordination Officers in Queensland. 

Education Alliance comes with a solid framework, templates and the Education Alliance Stakeholder model. It is easy to implement and has great potential to enhance collaboration and connections between all education and tertiary education stakeholders. The initiative was piloted in Queensland and made a positive impact on the education sector and importantly, a clear pathway to tertiary for secondary students.

The Alliance has been designed to be adapted for each State and Territory with the possibility of connecting across Australia to identify and address systemic issues. It also has the potential to escalate concepts that will enable easier transitions to tertiary and better outcomes for students with disability.

ADECT is proud to host the Education Alliance project which offers you the tools you need to establish an Alliance across your state or territory, building on learnings over the past four years.

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