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Podcast: Universal Design for Learning in Action - Ireland

Universal Design for Learning in Action: the what, why and how of UDL

This exciting new podcast series from ADCET interviews some of the top UDL experts internationally to talk about all things Universal Design for Learning or UDL. UDL is an inclusive teaching strategy which when applied to learning design enables inclusive curriculum design, development and delivery. It embraces learner variability, designs for it and reduces barriers to learning; creating a greater sense of belonging. It is not just good design for people with disability but for all students.

In this podcast ADCET Manager Darlene McLennan talks to Dara Ryder, Chief Executive Officer, AHEAD IrelandThis link takes you away from the ADCET page about their perspectives on UDL within Ireland.

This podcast is part of a suite of activities ADCET has developed to assist tertiary education providers, educators, disability practitioners and other support staff to assist in creating more inclusive learning strategies for students. Activities and resources include this podcast, a webinar series, eLearning, and a Symposium.

(July 2023)