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ADCET Webinar: Accessibility in Office 365 - Language and Communication

ADCET was delighted to host the second webinar in our Microsoft Accessibility series, presented by Andrew Balzer. This webinar showcased how the accessibility features built into Windows and Microsoft Office can empower and personalise the experience. A vast array of assistive technology products that are designed for individuals who have a language or communication disability were introduced.

In addition, you can witness how language tools throughout Word, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, Edge and even Microsoft’s unique group translation tool, can break the language barriers. This webinar included live demonstrations of how you can create accessibility for all audiences throughout your Office experience and ensure that you, and your audience, understands what is available when engaging with any of the Microsoft toolset.


Image of Andrew Balzer in front of a microphone, looking into the camera and smiling

Andrew Balzer is an Educational Success Manager at Microsoft. He was previously a HSC teacher  who now supports, NSW, VIC, ACT and TAS with utilising teaching and learning tools to enable every user to achieve more with technology.