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Building Disability Confidence - MyPlus

The National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program was joined by Helen Cooke to discuss how to better support students to 'Positively Position their Disability’.

Helen is the Director and Founder of MyPlus, one of the UK's leading authorities in disability recruitment and development. Established back in 2006, Helen and the team work with employers to help them recognise the unique talents and strengths that individuals with disability can and do bring to an organisation.

The team also work with graduates to build their skills, confidence, and provide an insight into the world of work enabling graduates to be empowered and strong advocates.

Very excitedly, MyPlus recently joined the valuable 500 Global Directory of Disability Inclusion Specialists.

The MyPlus vision is to “ensure that having a disability doesn’t prevent anyone from having the career that they want to have

The discussion addressed:

  • How to address concerns regarding discrimination from employers
  • Promoting skills, particularly if there are limited skills included on the resume
  • Identify hidden strengths and skills relevant to position descriptions
  • How to specifically request reasonable adjustments and accommodations confidently through the recruitment process and onboarding
  • Recognise employers who want to proactively recruit people with disability 

Included are questions put to Helen that were sourced from promoting this discussion through numerous networks.


Picture of Helen Cooke sitting down

Helen Cooke, Director and Founder, MyPlus