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ADCET Webinar: LGBTIQ+ inclusive practices for people with disability

In recognition of Pride Month 2022 ADCET was proud to present this webinar focusing on an introduction to the issues facing LGBTIQ+ people with disability and the ways inclusive practices can make a difference.  

Topics included:

  • Understanding LGBTIQ+ language and terminology
  • Affirming LGBTIQ+ identities for people with disability
  • Engaging respectfully with LGBTIQ+ people with disability
  • Embedding LGBTIQ+ inclusive practices into everyday behaviours

The Magic 5

The Magic 5 shown as a cyclical diagram

  1. Signal safety
  2. Use inclusive language
  3. Inclusive systems and processes
  4. Affirm identity - celebrate and include
  5. Respect

About WIO

Working It Out (WIO) is Tasmania’s diverse gender, sex and sexuality support service and education provider.

WIO began in Tasmania over 24 years ago in response to high rates of psychological distress and suicidality resulting from the ugly campaign to decriminalise homosexuality. It has been working ever since then to provide support to individuals and their families and to create change in the broader community. WIO offers free support, peer groups, consultation, education and training and community events and connection.

Increasingly WIO is looking at ways to develop their capacity to address the needs of individuals that may be overlooked. One of these groups is LGBTIQ+ people with disability. In 2020 WIO received a grant from the Pride Foundation of Australia to develop learning resources to support those working with LGBTIQ+ people to provide safe and inclusive services. The first step was to consult with the local LGBTIQ+ people with disability communities to understand what they wanted from service providers. From there they developed a short eLearning course which provides background information into the lives of LGBTIQ+ people with disability, and practical tips for how to be respectful and inclusive.


Headshot of Lynn Jarvis

Dr Lynn Jarvis - Chief Executive Officer, Working It Out (WIO)

Lynn has worked in a variety of management and executive level positions across government, adult and higher education, mental health and the not-for-profit sector, and while a born and bred Tasmanian, Lynn has also lived and work in Japan, Malaysia and Cambodia. A key theme of Lynn’s work is supporting those marginalised from opportunity to live full and inclusive lives in whatever way that means for them.

Lynn has a BA (Hons) from the University of Tasmanian, a Bachelor of Education from Edith Gowan University and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Wollongong.

Guest Speaker

Headshot of Ana Pike

Ana Pike - Lived experience speaker

Ana is an LGBTIQ+ person with disability, currently doing a Certificate IV in Community Services at TAFE. Ana is an intersectional community activist in both the LGBTIQ+ and disability spaces.