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Information for staff: Student complaints of disability discrimination

ADCET knows how hard disability practitioners work to provide students with all the necessary support and tools so students can thrive.

However, sometimes things go wrong and for a range of reasons students may feel discriminated against and wish to seek a formal resolution.

ADCET has created information for students to assist them to understand their rights, the obligations of providers and internal and external options for complaints. 

This is also useful information for practitioners who may be unsure who to refer students to. This information includes pathways for internal or external complaints processes.

Anecdotally, students have indicated negative experiences such as denial of reasonable adjustments, discriminatory practices in relation to learning activities (especially work-integrated learning), poor service provision or practices in the learning environment, and discriminatory behaviours from staff or other students.

Explore ADCET’s resources and learn more about student rights and disability discrimination