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ADCET Newsletter: April #2 2022

Make sure you join us for our upcoming presentation: Managing complex and challenging mental health situations. This session, presented by Brandon Taylor, focuses on when a student’s mental ill health becomes so disruptive that they are unable to successfully participate in their study course.

You can also catch up on our latest webinar, TalkType Product Demo - Making Learning More Accessible with Assistive Tech

Next month we are celebrating ‘Accessibility in Action’ across the Australian Tertiary sector as part of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022! Nominate a person, team, project or organisation that actively improves accessibility for staff and students for an Accessibility in Action Award and register to come along to our Celebrating Accessibility in Action online event on Wednesday 18 May 2022.

ADCET is running a GAA'day Challenge as part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and we invite you to experience just a few accessibility barriers and features in everyday work and life. Read more >>