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ADCET Newsletter: October 2021

This week is Mental Health Week and ADCET has invited Brandon Taylor to present a 30 minute webinar on Mental health - What does it look like?. The purpose of Mental Health Week is to engage communities in activities that promote mental health and wellbeing and also increase understanding and reduce stigma about mental illness, and how it impacts on the lives of people in our community.

We also have a new Disability Practice in the Spotlight - Translating the science of learning with equity where Dr Sakinah Alhadad, Griffith University, explores the question of how we learn and communicate with students from diverse backgrounds.

Don't forget to register for ADCET's other upcoming events:

  • Critical Conversations Disclosing disability in higher education: What’s in it for the student?
  • ADCET facilitated discussion with Tertiary providers using Blackboard Ally

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