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The GAA'Day Challenge

Text reading, Join the ADCET GAA'DAY Australia Challenge #GAADAY

GAA'day everyone. 

During Global Accessibility Awareness Day in May 2021, ADCET ran the GAA'Day Australian Challenge which challenged Universities and Vocational Education and Training providers within Australia to experience some accessibility features in their everyday work and life.

We are delighted that the GAA'Day Challenges have been downloaded over 470 times and are proud to announce  Julia Robertson from Griffith University as a winner of a $50 gift card for her experience of comparing automatic captioning to the actual spoken text and commented:
"While the text is pretty close, it doesn't make a lot of sense if you don't know what was being said originally. You can imagine the struggle trying to understand lecture content. Imagine wading through this and trying to participate and interact with lecturers and classmates."

Even though the official challenge is now over, the three challenges are still available for you to try.