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12@12: Jolts of Joy

Jolts of Joy

Jolts of Joy: Short-circuit a downward spiral of negative emotions with a short sharp jolt of joy to broaden your brain’s capacity

Are you feeling the effects of compassion fatigue? Is work draining your energy?  Need some self-care strategies to recharge and replenish? 

The 12@12 sessions are bite-size presentations that are around 12 minutes long and were held weekly at 12 pm during September - November 2020.


Debbie Hindle

Debbie Hindle has had a variety of roles in the tertiary disability sector through the University of Tasmania including NDCO and Disability Advisor. She currently coordinates a specialist peer mentor program for students on the Autism spectrum and an ADCET Project Officer. Debbie holds a Masters of Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne and is part of the dynamic production team for one of the world-leading workplace wellbeing practitioners. This combination gives Debbie a valuable edge in bringing the latest from the science of wellbeing to grow wellbeing and resilience in ourselves and the students we support.

(September 2020)