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Podcast: What comes first – education or economic growth? With special guest Jamil Salmi

ADCET again reaches out beyond Australian shores to explore the ins and outs of disability and equity in higher education. This time we travel (virtually) with Matt Brett to Colombia to chat with Global Tertiary Education Expert Jamil Salmi.

Jamil has provided policy advice to governments and university leaders across over 100 countries. He consulted with and for the World Bank, the Organisation Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Commission, and closer to home, AusAid. There are few in the world that combine such a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of higher education globally, with a lifelong interest and commitment to student equity. 

In this episode we discuss Jamil’s Moroccan roots, the relationship between education, equity and economic development, where disability is positioned in global higher education policy, and how Australia compares internationally for its equity policies. We are grateful for Jamil’s candor and insight, sharing his tips for what makes him in high demand as a key note speaker the world over. 

Jamil’s generosity extends to providing ADCET listeners with access to forthcoming publications about the missing equity dimensions of international rankings, and an imagining of higher education in the post-COVID 2036 future.

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(August 2020)