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ADCET Newsletter: April #2 2020

We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you up to date content from all across the sector to support you in this rapidly changing environment.
It’s great to hear such wonderful stories about sharing knowledge and practice. Well done to all of you who have been working so very hard to ensure your student's needs are met and taking time to share your wisdom and learnings with others.
ADCET has recently been partnering with many NDCOs. We want to thank David Swayn, Elicia Ford, Jessica Buhne, Gary Kerridge, Andrea Evans-McCall, Pam Anderson, Ammi Demanuele, Wilton Kerr, Brighdie O’Dwyer and Ali Parker for supporting ADCET and assisting us during this very busy time.
For those who may have missed it some NDCOs are facilitating a weekly COVID-19 discussion forum with the EPHEA and AustED members. And have developed an ‘Issues and Response Register'. Please feel free to contribute in this Google form.  
Did you enjoy our first Podcast? Stay tuned as we have a many more in the pipeline and, due to popular demand, we have converted our recent webinar “Three essentials in the move online” into a Podcast too. And we will continue do this for some of our future webinars too. So if you are unable to sit and listen to the webinar, you can now listen to the audio while walking the dog, washing the dishes or eating your Easter eggs.
In this edition we feature updates to our COVID-19 FAQs, our latest webinar on Supporting students' well-being during COVID-19 as well as all the latest ADCET Content and events in the sector.