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ADCET Webinar: How to structure documents correctly

This webinar will introduce you to the concept of structuring documents through the use of formal styles, including use of formal heading styles. You will also learn how and when to use tables and how to add meaningful alternative text to images. While we will be working specifically with MS Word, the principles that are presented will apply to other formats such as HTML, PDF and EPUB.

The webinar will include live demonstrations of a screen reader presenting both unstructured and structured documents. You will also be shown how to produce a fully accessible PDF file from a Word file.

The webinar is for anyone who writes or edits electronic documents and is not confident about making the material accessible. It is especially relevant to people who are producing material in the education sector. Much time and effort in remediating study material would be avoided if online material was correctly structured from the outset.


Andrew Downie

Andrew Downie is a psychologist with a postgraduate diploma in education.

Until early 2018, Andrew worked for TAFE NSW for 25 years, providing information to staff and students on adaptive technology. As well as providing information on specialised equipment, this involved input to staff on correct document structure. For a long time, Andrew has recognised that structuring documents correctly is of huge benefit to both authors and to readers who have disabilities. He has therefore developed a regime of indoctrination (education).

Andrew has quite strong skills in areas of MS Office, PDF, HTML and CSS.

Andrew has strong knowledge of equipment relevant to people who have vision loss for selfish reasons, as he is blind. He also has extensive knowledge of equipment, whether specialised or "mainstream", relevant to people who have a wide variety of disabilities.