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Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability - JPED (2018) - (US)

Issue 1

  • The Breadth and Depth of Disability-Related Literature:  From the Editor
  • The Impact of Transition Services in Facilitating College Degree for Students with Visual Impairments: Post-Bachelor’s Degree Perspectives
  • A Descriptive Review of ADHD Coaching Research: Implications for College Students
  • Investigating the Outcomes and Perceptions of an Inclusive Aquatic Exercise Class for University Students with Physical Disabilities
  • Perspectives of North American Postsecondary Students with Learning Disabilities: A Scoping Review
  • Applying Salutogenesis to the Experiences of Students with Disabilities in the Netherlands
  • An Innovative Postsecondary Education Program for Students with Disabilities in STEM (Practice Brief)

Issue 2

  • Student Learning Outcomes for Disability Services: What Evidence do you Have? From the Editor
  • Use of Student Learning Outcomes in Postsecondary Disability Offices
  • Emerging Adults: Perspectives of College Students with Disabilities
  • A Qualitative Investigation of Bullying of Individuals with Disabilities on a College Campus
  • Transitional Challenges for Students with Disabilities During a Period of Systemic Imbalance
  • Predictors and Trajectories of Educational Functioning in College Students With and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Issue 3

  • Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Postsecondary Education: From the Editor
  • The Use of a Coaching Model to Support the Academic Success  and Social Inclusion of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Community and Technical College Settings
  • Exploring Barriers for Facilitating Work Experience Opportunities for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Enrolled in Postsecondary Education Programs
  • Inclusive Community Service Among College Students With and Without Intellectual Disability: A Physical Activity in Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students With Intellectual Disability
  • Promoting Employee Handbook Comprehension for Postsecondary Students with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorders
  •  “Letting Go:” Parent Perspectives on the Outcomes of an Inclusive Postsecondary Education Experience for Students with Developmental Disabilities
  •  It’s Okay to Teach People with an Intellectual Disability About Their Disability (Practice Brief)
  • A Financial Literacy Course for Postsecondary Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Practice Brief)

Issue 4

  • A Tribute to the Commitment to Disability Studies Academic Literature: From the Editor
  • Development of a First Year Success Seminar for College Students with Disabilities
  • Sexual Coercion Experiences Among Canadian University Students with Disabilities
  • University Students with Disabilities: Factors that Contribute to Their Self-Predicted Likelihood of Graduation
  • Do Multimedia Instructional Designs Enhance Comprehension in College Students with Dyslexia?
  • Social Group Membership and Risk-Taking Behaviors Among College Students with ADHD Symptoms
  • Disability in Postsecondary STEM Learning Environments: What Faculty Focus Groups Reveal About Definitions and Obstacles to Effective Support
  • Promoting Inclusive Teaching Among College Faculty: A Framework for Disability Service Providers (Practice Brief)