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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

Disability Practitioner in Residence

The Disability Practitioner in Residence section will have, over time, a range of practitioners taking the time to look into the wealth of information that is currently being held on ADCET and bring it to our attention through regular updates. They may like to highlight how they use ADCET, what they feel needs further work or even lead us in a discussion on a topic. We hope this is another way that will assist you in your role by improving your knowledge of the information that is available on ADCET as well as feeling more connected across the sector

Current Picks

Alisha Larkin - NDCO for South East Queensland





Photo of Alisha Larkin

As part of the NDCO Program we are often engaging with disability educators and support officers who may be looking for information or resources to help support the students. This is where the ADCET website has been valuable as a reference point to assist disability practitioners and others interested in enhancing the educational experience for people with disability.

There are a couple of areas that I visit which are common topics of discussion:

Reasonable Adjustments – when to apply them, how to apply them and where to find information about adjustments which can be applied to a specific disability. There is comprehensive information located here and when used in conjunction with advice from your broader disability practitioner national networks, can inform the most appropriate response for the student.

Inclusive Teaching – in connection with reasonable adjustments how can teaching and assessments be designed to best maximise the potential of the students. In a demanding and pressurised environment, inclusivity can be managed with the ability to access tools and information to inspire, educate and support teachers.

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