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Join the DREAM Employment Network!

Text reading ‘Dream Employment Network.’ There is an image of a young woman with vision impairment walking down the street on a cloudy, wet day, using a white cane and holding a rainbow umbrella.

Calling young people with disability and forward-thinking employers to join the DREAM Network!

About the DREAM Employment Network

The DREAM Employment Network bridges the gap between young people with disability who want to work, and forward-thinking employers who recognise that diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and success. The aim of the Network is to build leadership skills, inclusive employment pathways, and opportunities for leadership positions for young people with disability.

How does it work?

Members of the DREAM Employment Network are invited to attend free, online networking events and workshops, and receive a monthly newsletter with updates and links to Network resources. 

For young people with disability, this is an opportunity to:

  • build leadership skills
  • connect and network with employers
  • advance your career
  • identify what kinds of adjustments will work for you
  • develop confidence when talking about your access needs
  • learn about your rights and obligations as employees

For employers, this is a unique opportunity to: 

  • connect with young people with disability
  • hear from young people with disability in leadership positions
  • learn about benefits of having young people with disability in your workforce and in leadership roles
  • learn about reasonable adjustments
  • find out how to access funding and support to make your workplace accessible
  • get tips on how to support young people with disability to thrive in the workforce

Learn more about DREAM activities and events This link takes you away from the ADCET page