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Survey: Supporting Marginalised University Students and Staff

If you are a university student, academic, or staff member from a marginalised group, you are invited to participate in an anonymous study of university support systems and methods for staff and students from marginalised backgrounds. The study will look at what is working, and what might be improved, to enhance the learning and work experiences of students and staff from marginalised backgrounds.

Marginalised groups may include those university students, academics, or professional staff who identify as being from a marginalised background on the basis of gender, race, sexual identity, disability, language, or social class.

Who is being asked to participate?  If you are a student, academic, or professional staff member at a university and you are from a marginalised background.

What will I be asked to do? If you want to take part in this study, we will ask you to complete the forthcoming survey. It will take approximately ten minutes of your time to be part of this study.

What are the benefits?  The benefit of you taking part in this study is that better understandings of the support systems different universities and faculties are providing that are working, or might be improved, to enhance the experience of marginalised staff and students may be suggested to university administrators.

Researcher:  Dr Troy Heffernan, Senior Lecturer in Education, La Trobe University.

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