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Glean Webinars

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Glean The 2020 vision for note taking

Two different Glean webinars (with Aust/NZ friendly time slots) have been scheduled for the coming weeks. One is for institutions wishing to have a closer look at Glean for the first time. The other webinar is for institutions who have already signed up for the free Glean Pilot for next semester. Lee Chambers from Sonocent UK will be co-hosting all the webinars. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and will be able to answer a host of questions.

There are repeat times for each webinar so you are welcome to attend either or both sessions of the webinar relevant to you. It's also an ideal opportunity to invite other services on campus to have a closer look at this UDL note taking tool that ALL students can have access to i.e academic support teams, note taking services, study skills tutors, etc

The Webinar Registration links are below.

Managing your Glean Pilot

This webinar is open to institutions that have signed up for the free trial of Glean. The session will be tailored to assist you in all aspects of planning and implementing your pilot: setting the scope, gaining collaboration from other services (including academic support, study skills tutors/teams), promoting to students, creating data collection methods, managing license deployment and exploring ongoing training/support options.

Thursday 6th August, 14:00 - 15:00 AET 

Thursday 13th August, 14:00 - 15:00 


Glean by Sonocent - Solving the notetaker’s dilemma for students with disabilities

Any student taking notes from spoken information - regardless of their learning needs - faces a dilemma: concentrate and engage in the moment, or create notes to return to and consolidate. This problem is exacerbated for students with neurodivergent or mental health needs, stopping them from making useful notes from spoken information.

In this webinar we will explore Sonocent’s new web app Glean and how it solves the note-taker’s dilemma. Its clean accessible workspace creates a distraction-free, stress-free process to help students focus in the moment and then later organise and utilise information to create meaningful notes. It’s a simple solution for students’ note-taking needs: get started in 2 minutes, then work online and offline anywhere at any time.

Tuesday18th August, 14:00-15:00 

Thursday 27th August, 14:00-15:00 


Online Zoom webinar

Dates and times

6 Aug 2020 12:00am AEST
27 Aug 2020 12:00am AEST