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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

Dear Dyslexic Webinar: Dyslexic? Doing a Doctorate? No way!

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‘Dyslexic? Doing a Doctorate? No way’!: Supervising the PhD journey of the student who just happens to be dyslexic’

In this free interactive online session, Shae and Dr Judith Hudson will be discussing the academic supervision of dyslexic students in post-graduate, higher education and doctorate studies.

The individual with dyslexia more often than not has the gift of seeing first the ‘whole picture’ or the ‘end’ product, but not the route towards getting there. They can be visionary, insightful, have a wonderful imagination, but when they go into what Judith terms ‘free flight’ mode, it is the role of the supervisor to catch them, pull them gently back and re-ground them in the more mundane aspects of the doctorate journey (usually the writing up!)

Identifying the areas where the greatest input is needed as;

  • Time management
  • Keeping on track
  • Getting something ‘in writing’ and responding to ‘it’s all my head’
  • Self-esteem ‘stroking’.

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Dates and times

16 Jul 2020  8:00pm AEST