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AHEAD Ireland webinar: Moving Inclusively To Online Assessment and Teaching 2020

This webinar will explore the challenges for students and educators as we try to consider equity and accessibility in our move to online assessment and teaching and discuss solutions to some common issues raised.

It will feature a range of contributor voices including student representation, the view from the disability office, teaching and learning expertise and contribution from an accessibility expert.

The aim will be to provide some answers to the following questions:

  • What are the real world challenges presented for students, including those with disabilities, in participating in online learning and undertaking assessments?
  • What are the major concerns for disability and access officers in ensuring access and equity for students with disabilities?
  • How can we provide pedagogical solutions to some of the challenges faced by the sector in moving online equitably and ensure both flexibility and integrity?
  • What practical tips can educators take on board to ensure their assessment and teaching is accessible and equitable?