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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training
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Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ)

Enhancing Transitions for Students with Disability

Do you work in the education, tertiary or training sectors?

Have you registered to be part of Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ)?

EAQ is an Alliance of the education, tertiary and training sectors and it has been created to assist you and your colleagues enhance transitions for students with disability from school to tertiary education and training through professional development, networking and greater collaboration. 
What we have learned to date from registered members

96%  believe an increased collaboration between secondary, tertiary education
         and training providers will improve student transition outcomes
60%  believe the best way to learn more about post school transition options
         is through face to face and networking
73%  believe prospective VET students are not aware of available
         supports prior to enrolling
87%  believe prospective university students are not aware of available
         supports prior to enrolling

The Qld NDCOs invite you to complete a survey with the aim of providing a clear snapshot of the education and training environment and the sector gaps/barriers. Take the survey and have your say.
As National Disability Coordination Officers (NDCOs) in Queensland we work in the transition space from school to tertiary education and training - and subsequent employment - and together we cover the Queensland state.  EAQ was developed specifically with a view to hearing from all of you about what’s working well in the transition to tertiary space, what isn't working well and how we can address it collectively. 

EAQ Hub and Zoom meetings together with webinars will provide an equitable opportunity for all members to engage state-wide.  Systemic issues will be addressed from a State and National perspective.  Greater representation equals greater impact.

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