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Podcast: Christian Boer Founder and creator of Dyslexie Font

Christian Boer the Founder and creator of Dyslexie Font talks to Shae Wissell from Dear Dyslexic.

Christian has been affected by dyslexia for as long as he can remember, this experience inspired him to design a solution to improve readability for people with dyslexia – the Dyslexie Font. Christian combined his graphic design skill with his dyslexia, abandoning traditional typeface design rules, favouring instead the user needs of a dyslexic person.

Christian dreams of the day when being able to use Dyslexie Font won’t be an exception; but at everyone’s disposal, just like any other font. He hopes to change the negative image – that dyslexia is a shortcoming – and emphasize the positive sides of dyslexia, such as creativity and 3-dimensional visual thinking.
Shae hopes you enjoy this funny and informative podcast, where she learns all about different fonts and Christian and Shae share their lived experience of what it is like to have dyslexia.