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Vision Australia. Digital Access workshops

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Digital Access EOFY Training Update

Vision Australia public training workshops for June to November have been finalised and now is the time to consider the areas you would like to increase your learning. As an organisation, you may have some leftover budget to spend – perhaps an in-house workshop booked in before the end of June will help you find a productive purchase?

Public workshops

We have received significant interest in our new offerings for Creating Accessible Documents training in 2019 and we will continue to offer the Advanced training in the second half of the year.

Creating Accessible Documents – Word and PDF

Teaches the fundamentals of creating accessible Microsoft Word and PDF documents and is suitable for anyone who uses Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Due to the popularity of this workshop, our expanded public workshops will continue into the second half of the year.

Advanced Creating Accessible Documents – Microsoft Office

Focuses on teaching the skills needed to create accessible Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and Outlook emails and is suitable for anyone using the Microsoft Office Suite.

Advanced Creating Accessible Documents – Adobe PDF

Assists in ensuring PDF documents are accessible to everyone without the need for a source file, through learning advanced techniques for the creation and remediation of PDF documents.

Inclusive design

Our Inclusive design workshops continue to receive favourable reviews and much public and organisational interest. The public workshops will be available for you to attend in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne later this year.

Web Accessibility Techniques and Testing

This renowned and highly popular workshop has a comprehensive approach to technical accessibility and inclusive design which will benefit anyone involved in the design, development or maintenance of websites. We are expanding our public workshops to Hobart in November, register now to ensure your place on the day.

Accessibility for Web Writers

Teaches how to make web content accessible, using simple tools to test content against WCAG 2.1 standards. This workshop is suitable for web writers, editors, publishers and content managers.

Writing for the Web

Focuses on creating useful, usable and accessible content that works well on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers; suitable for anyone writing content for their organisation’s website or intranet. 

In-house workshops

If you can’t attend a public workshop and your organisation is interested in upskilling staff to achieve the highest standards in digital accessibility and inclusive design, consider an in-house training option designed to meet your requirements.

Digital Access training facilitators will come to your offices or preferred training venue; or, if you don’t have suitable facilities available, we’ll organise an exclusive session for your staff at our regular training venue (available in most Australian capital cities).

All public training is available as an in-house option, with the possibility of tailoring examples from your organisation’s portfolio using practical exercises throughout the day to help deliver the learning outcomes.

Other training available in-house includes:

Introduction to Digital Accessibility Seminar
This two hour long presentation which provides a comprehensive introduction to digital accessibility with demonstrations of how people with disabilities access digital information; explains your legal obligations, and gives an overview of WCAG 2.1, highlighting the business and financial benefits of creating accessible and inclusive content.

Assistive Technology Training

This workshop will assist web and software developers/testers in their understanding of how people with low vision use assistive technologies, through hands-on interaction using JAWS, Voiceover, NVDA and ZoomText.

2019 November Public Workshop Dates:

1/11/2019 - Web Accessibility Techniques and Testing, Hobart
4/11/2019 - Web Accessibility Techniques and Testing, Melbourne
6/11/2019 – Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF, Sydney
7/11/2019 - Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF, Canberra
12/11/2019 - Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF, Melbourne
14/11/2019 – Creating Accessible Documents: Word and PDF, Brisbane
22/11/2019 – Accessibility for Web Writers, Melbourne

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Various venue around Australia.

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