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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

Conference: Endless Possibilities

Event details

The Endless Possibilities Conference has aimed to cater for a diverse range of attendees by including breakout sessions for delegates to choose what they consider most relevant for the particular age or area in which they specifically work supporting a person with additional needs.

Friday most potentially lends itself to post-secondary sector as Colin, one of the Continued Education Program students, opens with an address about his life achievements. Colin is followed by the Keynote address - Making Change Happen by Bruce Sullivan, who is an amazing advocate and inspiring speaker. After morning tea, the breakout sessions to consider would be:

  •  Mental Health by Dr Cathy Franklin
  • Smart Assistive Technology by Jacqui Kirkman
  • Scaffolding The Future by Jim Haywood
  • Understanding Vision by Grace Worthy

Finally, in the afternoon  Dr Carina Capra will provide clarity around what Sensory Processing issues are and through this in-depth understanding, we can create better understanding of how and why a person may experience the world differently and create better strategies for support around these issues.

Dr Rhonda Faragher will provide a session on 'functional mathematics', what we should be teaching and how we might do that to support people in a world of digital commerce, pervasive calculating devices and apps for everything. Rhonda will also share the personal story of her inspirational young daughter with Down syndrome, who after leaving school has commenced studies and is currently working part time in child care.

Further information and registration details


Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC)

Dates and times

2 Mar 2017 12:00am AEST
3 Mar 2017 12:00am AEST