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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training
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New Videos: Inclusive technology playing a vital role in students success

ADCET is excited to be launching a number of wonderful videos that showcase students using technology to support their studies at university. Technology can play a powerful role in improving the access to education for students with disability. These videos show a range of technologies in use and the impact they have had on the student’s success.

ADCET would like to thank the University of Tasmania’s Disability support program, the students and Martin Kelly for making these videos possible. 

Meet Braydon. Braydon is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Philosophy. Braydon’s dream is to one-day work in radio. Dragon Naturally speaking is turning this dream into a reality. 
Braydon's video

Heath shows his determination to complete his Bachelor Degree in Business & Human Resources using Eye Gaze technology. He says he started using Eye Gaze technology in the second year of his university studies and hasn’t looked back. His advice to others is to give study a go, you never know where it could land you.
Heath's video

Meet Randy who is passionate about studying Social Sciences because it looks at the patterns and social structures within society. Speech to text and voice dictation technology has enabled Randy to excel in her degree. Using this technology, she has overcome the challenges with reading and writing.
Randy's video

Duncan highlights a range of technologies that have supported him in his Masters of Social Work and his day-to-day life - technologies such as JAWS, KNFB Reader and Victor Reader Stream.
Duncan's video