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Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training
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ADCET Advisory committee welcomes three new members

ADCET is excited to welcome three new members to our advisory committee.  With the redevelopment of ADCET in 2014, we feel it is time to expand the representative members on the committee.
Our student representative: Ashlee Cremona is currently completing a double degree in Law and Psychological Science at La Trobe University. In 2014 she completed her VCE at Thomas Carr College with the honour of Dux. Throughout the school years Ashlee had actively worked with academics and support services to increase understanding of independent learning with a vision impairment. Ashlee welcomed the opportunity to advocate for education and access, and has contributed to newsletters for Guide Dogs Victoria.
Inclusive learning consultant: Wendy Pauluzs has a personal and professional passion for inclusive education. She has over 20 years’ experience (locally and internationally), teaching non-traditional learners in the primary, secondary, TAFE and higher education sectors. She has also worked as a disability advisor and researcher. Wendy is currently lead content developer for 'How Inclusive Is My Subject', an online interactive module to support academics at La Trobe University to be more inclusive in their teaching. She also provides specialist advice to academics on inclusive teaching at Deakin University.
Academic representative: Dr Stuart Dinmore is a lecturer with the Learning and Teaching Unit at City West and works in academic development with a particular focus on widening participation and inclusive teaching. His work involves designing curricula that remove barriers to learning for all students by acknowledging the diversity of learning styles among the student body. He has a strong interest in technology-enhanced learning, in particular ePortfolios and virtual classrooms and is conducting research into ways these tools can be used to enhance the experience for students from diverse backgrounds. 
Darlene McLennan, the Manager of ADCET, says that having the voice of two leaders, Wendy and Stuart, from within the inclusive teaching area will enhance and improve ADCET.  She also stated the input from our new student representative, Ashlee, is valued highly, as the student voice is very important to the future of ADCET.

The ADCET Advisory Committee has representatives from across the post-secondary education space including NDCOs, Disability Practitioners from VET & Higher Education.  The Committee focuses on strategic direction to ensure the ongoing development and improvement of the website, resources and projects undertaken by ADCET. Its members aim to ensure the website is reflective of the current practice across the sector. The Committee monitors content and work undertaken by the ADCET project team and advises in relation to the continued sustainability and ongoing development of the site. All three new members are looking forward to taking up the challenge of being involved in the committee. Wendy has summed up what this involvement means to her: “I have been a long-time user of the ADCET website and have found the resources and information to be really valuable and I’m really happy to be a part of supporting its continued existence.”

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