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austed listserv

The austed listserv is an initiative of the Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability (ATEND).  It aims to facilitate discussion and information sharing primarily amongst disability support services personnel and teachers in tertiary education and training. austed-list will also contain information and ideas of interest to students with disability, their families and members of the general community.

Topics discussed on austed-list may include but are not limited to: disability service delivery models; relevant legislation; policies and programs; procedures (including grievances); research and publications; assistive technologies; issues for learning access service providers and students with disability; barriers to access (architectural, systemic and attitudinal); grants and other funding sources; academic adjustments or accommodations; and, disability awareness programs.

Austed-list is an 'open' list. This means that anyone with an interest in issues pertinent to tertiary education and training for students with disability may subscribe.  Everyone involved in any aspect of learning access for people with disability in education and training are encouraged to actively participate in austed-list discussions (rather than 'lurking' shyly on the sidelines). The exchange of ideas, comments and information is essential to the success of any list.


If interested people wish to subscribe to austed-list they should send a message to leaving the subject line blank and turning off any automatic signature file then entering in the body of the message: subscribe austed-list


Once a person has been advised (by the server) that they are subscribed to austed-list they can contribute to the discussion at any time by sending a message (asking a question or initiating a topic) to The posting is then forwarded automatically to all other subscribers.


If subscribers wish to remove themselves from the list, they should send a message to leaving the subject line blank and turning off any automatic signature file then entering in the body of the message: unsubscribe austed-list


If you need to contact a person associated with austed-list (eg. regarding trouble with unsubscribing, or questions about the list itself) send an email to

Guidelines for use

All austed-list subscribers should be aware that there are other subscribers who have a print disability (eg. people with learning disability or vision impairment) and many more who use assistive technologies to gain access to their email messages. Assistive technologies include braille output devices, screen enhancers and readers and voice synthesisers which relay absolutely everything in a posting to the user whether it makes sense or not. Therefore, the website includes a non-discriminatory protocol for participation in discussion lists which, in addition to outlining some common practices and considerations in participating on a listserver, aims to reduce the difficulties experienced by people with print disabilities and/or users of assistive technologies. Please read the fact sheet on protocol for non-discriminatory participation in discussion lists.

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