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    Centre for Disability Research (CeDR), Lancaster University, UK
    The Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) is a specialist research grouping that promotes and conducts high quality interdisciplinary research and research-led teaching about disability. CeDR was f...
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    Disability Studies Research
    The 'social model of disability' argues that although individuals may have various impairments, the degree and nature of the disability they experience will be the result of what arrangements society ...
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    International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
    The ICF puts the notions of 'health' and 'disability' in a new light. It acknowledges that every human being can experience a decrement in health and thereby experience some degree of disability. Disa...
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    Models of Disability
    People who have a disability are viewed as a minority group; however, they are the largest minority group in the world, comprising over 500 million people, two-thirds of whom live in developing countr...
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    Social Model of Disability - Not just for Disabled Academics [ doc: 73 KB ]
    This paper discusses the evolved role of disabled people in society and that there is a recognised “disability industry” worth many billions of dollars worldwide. However, very little of this indust...
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    Social Theory: What is the social model of disability?
    In terms of models of disability we can identify perhaps two major approaches or ways of viewing the world.  The first one is the medical model, something which for many years has been the domina...
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    Social Theory: What’s wrong with the medical model of disability?
    It stands to reason that notions of individual deficit found in the medical model may well be relevant when considering whether or not a person should take part in certain activities.  For exampl...
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