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    Alternative keyboards
    Computer keyboards can come in many different shapes and sizes. People who cannot use normal keyboards might find other designs much easier to use. There are keyboards that can support your hands or b...
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    Andrew Vikstrom - Architecture graduate with a physical impairment - Case Study
    After becoming a quadriplegic in a diving accident, I returned to high school to finish my senior years. The encouragement and acceptance from the school and my classmates along with minor physical ad...
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    Assessment: Strategies for students with physical impairments or chronic health conditions
    There is a range of inclusive assessment practices which will enhance the learning of all students in the class, but students with physical impairments or chronic health conditions may need parti...
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    Assistive Technology: Maltron Keyboards
    These fully ergonomic Maltron keyboards are two handed, left and right single handed, one for head or mouth stick or single finger use and an expanded keyboard with recessed keys for helping in cases ...
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    Case Study: Mark Bagshaw - Business graduate with physical impairment
    I hold the position of Business Development Executive for IBM Australia and New Zealand, and I’m a tireless proponent of the business case for employing people with disability. There are about o...
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    Golden Stave Educational Fellowship - Scholarship
    Golden Stave Educational Fellowship is for people with spinal injury to be used for mobility, speech, computer equipment, fees, books etc. Applications close around February each year.
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    Marayke Jonkers - Bachelor of Social Science graduate with a physical impairment - Case Study
    I am a Communications graduate from the University of the Sunshine Coast and hold a Bachelor of Social Science degree. In recent years I have also competed as a Paralympics swimmer, been an aspiring j...
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    Multiple Sclerosis Australia
    Multiple Sclerosis Australia makes a commitment to: Enhance the quality of life of people with MS and reduce the impact of MS on the families and carers of those with multiple sclerosis. Maintain and...
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    One handed typing programs
    For one hand typists and those who want to touch type with one hand on a normal keyboard.
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    ParaQuad NSW Scholarships
    The ParaQuad NSW Scholarships are for students in NSW /ACT who have a spinal cord injury, and they provide assistance for education at an accredited institution. To be eligible for the ParaQuad NSW sc...
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    Physical Disability Australia
    The role of Physical Disability Australia (formerly Physical Disability Council of Australia - PDCA) is to inform all levels of Government, the business sector and the Australian community of the need...
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    Sarah - Student with physical disability studying humanities - Case Study
    Sarah was a mature-age student severely affected in her right hand by occupational overuse syndrome who was undertaking study in a humanities faculty. She could not use her right hand for writing or t...
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    Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
    Spinal Cord Injuries Australia provides suitable accommodation for young people with severe spinal cord injuries and to people with physical disabilities.
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    SpinalWorks is a TAFE project designed to help you get back into training and work after spinal injury
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    Teaching & Assessment Strategies for Students with Physical Impairments
    Physical activity and mobility may be impaired by a number of conditions, some of which are permanent, others of a temporary or intermittent nature. These conditions include cerebral palsy, arthritis,...
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    Universal Access using onscreen keyboards [ doc: 525 KB ]
    The majority of software has been traditionally designed for people who use a standard keyboard, mouse and screen display. This can be a critical barrier to learning for many students with special edu...
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