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    Adaptive and Assistive Technologies in E-learning [ pdf: 153 KB ]
    The ANTA funded report looks at the areas of learning where disadvantaged learners may require assistance and includes information about a selection of assistive and adaptive technologies. It deals wi...
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    Assistive Software: Metroplex's MathTalk or Scientific Notebook
    MathTalk allows the user to voice any math from pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, thru Ph.D. and graduate level. This includes voicing graphs! Metroplex's MathTalk TM or Scientific Not...
  • Weblink - learning management system
    This section of the Blackboard Web site provides information about Blackboard's accessibility projects, the accessibility of this software, and answers to frequently asked questions about accessibili...
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    Building Accessible Curriculum and Courseware Tools - Education Beyond the Campus
    This paper summarises several research projects and tools currently on the market, identifying utilities and techniques that facilitate development of accessible online learning materials. (Canada - ...
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    e-Assessment - making online assessment accessible
    These UK training materials consider the benefits of assessing online and draw out the accessibility issues, problems and solutions associated with e-Assessment.
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    Guidelines for Accessible Online Courses [ doc: 603 KB ]
    The purpose of this 2005 study was to investigate means of making Higher Education inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities through the use of educational technology. These guidelines have...
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    How-To Guide for Creating Accessible Online Learning Content
    This resource has two main focuses. First, you will find that instead of stressing accessibility as such, it emphasizes the superior value of using universal design principles. Second, instead of bury...
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    Lexdis - Ideas for e-Learning - UK
    LexDis is for those who are using or developing on-line learning materials. All the strategies have been provided by students who have first hand experience of e-learning.
  • Fact Sheet
    Making information accessible to all students
    Students have different learning styles and a range of academic, cognitive and physical abilities. Universal Design benefits all students and limits the adjustments required to accommodate disability-...
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    Making On-Line Learning Accessible
    On-line learning can help create a more inclusive education for students with disability, as they facilitate real flexibility in terms of when and where study takes place: Independence is...
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    Selecting and utilising Assistive Technology in an e-learning context
    This report builds on the 2005 Adaptive and assistive technologies in e-learning report. Assistive equipment applicable to major disability types is explained and discussed within the context of educa...
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    Teaching Inclusively Using Technology - UK
    Teaching Inclusively Using Technology has five constituent modules. These are: Preparing Your Learning; Delivering Learning (Lecture / Classroom); Delivering Learning (Practical / Fieldwork / Placeme...
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