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    A Survivor's Guide to Braille Music Notation
    “A Survivor's Guide to Braille Music Notation” has been designed by Vision Australia to teach the basic skills needed to read and write music in Braille music code. Note the instructions use the Unifi...
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    Assistive Technology: Software for vision impaired music students
    Music can be formatted into Braille utilising software such as Toccata transcription technology. The Dancing Dots web site provides information and access to the following software: The GoodFeel ...
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    Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss - US
    The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss mission is to: create opportunities for adult musicians with hearing loss to discuss the challenges they face in making and listening to music; pro...
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    Braille Music: Toccata - Transcription Program
    The Toccata software will transcribes music score to Braille music.
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    Dancing Dots
    Dancing Dots serves blind musicians and their educators through technology and training. They offer a variety of products including Braille music courses, and assistive technology
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    Inclusive Teaching: Orchestral classes for blind students
    Different solutions can be applied to this situation and discussion with the individual student may assist greatly in selecting the appropriate accommodation. Students who are blind are able to get...
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    Making music accessible for everyone
    This UK based website provides some useful articles on selecting and adapting musical instruments for students with disability and a comprehensive selection of links
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    Music and Inclusivity - Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning - UK
    This site has a number of very useful resources to assist staff to include people with disability into music programs. Based in universities in the North East of England. The 12 innovative curriculu...
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    National Resource Center for Blind Musicians (US)
    The resource center provides information and referral services for visually impaired students of all ages, their parents and teachers, learning opportunities for blind students headed to college, and ...
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    The Blind Boys of Alabama
    The Blind Boys of Alabama is a gospel group who have "spread the spirit and energy of pure soul gospel music for over 60 years, ever since the first version of the group formed at the Alabama Institu...
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    Vision Impairment: Egyptian Women's Orchestra
    "Sounds of Light and Hope" is an article by Philip D. Schuyler from Atlas Magazine, describing the Egyptian, all women's orchestra in which each member is blind. The article is accompanied by beautifu...
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