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    Ai-Media: Access Innovation Media
    Ai-Media delivers captioning solutions into numerous sectors – Broadcast, Schools, Universities/TAFEs, Workplaces and Conferences. They provide a live realtime speech-to-text solution called Ai-Live™,...
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    EAV Technology - Live Remote Captioning
    EAV Technology can provide a simple way to transcribe lectures, or even send the audio to a remote Internet podcasting point.
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    Live Remote Captioning - how it works
    Live remote captioning is a text version of audio or spoken information. You might use this if you are confident in reading English. It uses a stenocaptioner in a different (remote) location, headset...
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    Red Bee Media
    Red Bee Media (was Australian Caption Centre) specialises in creating and providing live and pre-recorded captions for major Australian broadcast networks and subscription TV channels. We work with ad...
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