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    Inclusive Science Labs - US
    Information on inclusive and accessible science laboratories from the University of Washington.
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    Independence Science - US
    Independence Science develops tools and techniques to assist students who are blind or have low vision succeed in the science classroom. Products including, Talking LabQuest which is an accessible dat...
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    Physics lab classes and Blind Students - UK
    A UK publication that shows with a little ingenuity and a willingness to learn, disabled students can be included in a wide variety of learning situations.
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    Safety for students with disability in laboratory classes
    There are various approaches that can be taken in teaching students with disability in laboratories and workshops. The best place to start in responding to the needs of students with disabil...
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    STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Disability - UK
    Providing support for actual and aspiring disabled students, their teachers and for disabled workers in science, technology, engineering and maths
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    Teaching Chemistry to Students with a Disability - US [ pdf: 868 KB ]
    This US manual produced by the American Chemical Society covers such topics as: Disability Laws and Services; In the Classroom; Testing and Evaluation; Assistive Technology and Accessible Computing; I...
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    Videos: science access for students with blindness or visual impairment
    Videos showing students who are vision impaired or blind in chemistry labs collecting temperature data, testing for pH levels, using measuring devices and using a bunsen burner to heat water.
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    Work Health and Safety
    Universities are required by law to emplace policies and procedures to protect staff, students and visitors from injuries and illness caused by workplace accidents. Some staff members are concerned th...
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