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    Inclusive Practices for university students with disabilities [ pdf: 558 KB ]
    1999 Co-operative Project (NSW). A guide for academic staff to assist with inclusive practices for university students with a disability.
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    Interactions: A guide to assisting people with disabilities
    1999 Co-operative Project (NSW). "Interactions" is a guide to assist staff in post secondary institutions interact more effectively with people with disabilities. The booklet is in four parts: Emerge...
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    JobAccess: Disability
    A comprehensive list of disabilities with information on symptoms and characteristics of each disability. A large number of disability areas also include case studies and success stories.
  • Fact Sheet
    Models of Disability
    People who have a disability are viewed as a minority group; however, they are the largest minority group in the world, comprising over 500 million people, two-thirds of whom live in developing countr...
  • Fact Sheet
    Teaching students with particular impairments
    Impairments result from injury, illness or genetic disorders. Many people have more than one impairment which can be variously disabling depending on the provisions that society makes for the person's...
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