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    Beacon: e-health online applications and support groups
    Beacon is a portal of online applications for mental and physical disorders. A panel of health experts categorise, review and rate websites and mobile applications. Reviews of internet support groups ...
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    Go Ask Alice!
    Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer Internet service produced by Alice!, Columbia University's Health Education Program. This site has three primary features: New GAA! Q&As of the Week giv...
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    Impacts of other impairments on study
    Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is caused by an injury to the motor centre of the brain, which may have occurred before, during or shortly after birth. Manifestations may include involuntary muscle con...
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    JobAccess: Disability
    A comprehensive list of disabilities with information on symptoms and characteristics of each disability. A large number of disability areas also include case studies and success stories.
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    Medical conditions-Towards Success in Tertiary Study
    This resource aims to assist students who are studying or intend studying at tertiary level and who have chronic/ongoing medical conditions such as: Arthritis, Cancer, Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic As...
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    National Stroke Foundation
    The National Stroke Foundation is a not for profit organisation that works with the public, Government, health professionals, patients, carers and stroke survivors to reduce the impact of stroke on th...
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    Teaching & Assessment Strategies for Students with Chronic Health Conditions
    A wide range of medical conditions may impact on students’ learning and their ability to attend lectures and tutorials, complete assignments by due dates or be assessed in the usual ways. T...
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    Understanding the Issues and Needs - (ME/CFS) [ doc: 108 KB ]
    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is one of the most complex and maligned disabilities in the community. Disability service providers across the education sectors in New Sou...
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