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    Inclusive practice resources for training (VET)
    Resources to assist RTOs to embed inclusive practice in training have been developed by the Department of Education, Training and Employment (QLD). The inclusive practice resources include overviews t...
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    Inclusive Teaching & Assessment Strategies
    Inclusive teaching means providing learning opportunities that are free from bias and that take into account a diversity of individual needs and learning styles related to disability, race, socio-econ...
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    On Course: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education - US
    On Course is a collection of resources developed by CAST geared towards multiple stakeholders within postsecondary institutions, including instructional designers, faculty, policy makers, and administ...
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    Teachability: Creating Accessible Curriculum - UK
    Creating an Accessible Curriculum for Students with Disabilities. An excellent guide to help academic staff reflect on all aspects of their teaching practices from providing information for prospe...
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    Teaching & Assessment Strategies for Students with Physical Impairments
    Physical activity and mobility may be impaired by a number of conditions, some of which are permanent, others of a temporary or intermittent nature. These conditions include cerebral palsy, arthritis,...
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    Teaching Strategies for Lectures and Tutorials
    At the beginning of semester, acknowledge student diversity and your organisation’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for students with disability. Invite students to talk&nb...
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    Teaching strategies for studio, practical and laboratory classes
    It is important to ensure that these learning environments are accessible and safe for all students, including those with disability. Specific adjustments may need to be to made to meet the needs...
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    Teaching strategies to assist students with AD/HD
    Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is considered a neurological disorder. Research has indicated that ADHD is likely to be caused by biological factors that influence chemical messages (neurotra...
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    Teaching students with a disability
    The UniAbility project produced a number of publications including Policy for Students with Disabilities, Disability Action Plan, Changing Behaviour series of brochures, Dietary Dilemmas: a h...
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