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    Communication Strategies [ docx: 92 KB ]
    These fact sheets from the disAbility Aware Kit feature plain-English tips to help people feel more comfortable and confident when communicating with people with a disability.
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    Communication Tips
    Many of us are unsure what to say or do when we meet someone who moves, acts or communicates differently. How do you make your presence known to a blind person? You meet someone who uses a wheelc...
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    Communication: Listening to students with problems
    Students will sometimes encounter problems during the year and you may be called on to provide some help. Some may directly approach you to ask for support while others may be reluctant to ask an...
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    Consulting with students about their disability related needs
    Students are not generally required to provide information about the functional implications of their disability (rather than the details of the disability itself) to facilitate the provision of suppo...
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    Interactions: A guide to assisting people with disabilities
    1999 Co-operative Project (NSW). "Interactions" is a guide to assist staff in post secondary institutions interact more effectively with people with disabilities. The booklet is in four parts: Emerge...
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    Just Like You - Video
    A guide to etiquette and communication with people with a disability (Video and Booklet). This video allows people with a range of disabilities to speak for themselves about how service providers, ...
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    Just Talk - Guide to inclusive language [ docx: 1,384 KB ]
    A guide for staff and students on the use of inclusive language in all course, promotional and marketing materials.
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    National Relay Service (NRS)
    The National Relay Service (NRS) is provided by the Australian Communications Exchange (ACE). By typing on a textphone or computer with a modem, people who are Deaf, or have a hearing or speech / com...
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    Straight Talk about Disability
    Guidelines for using inclusive, positive and appropriate language choices.
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    Work Talk: effective workplace communication with employees
    Work Talk: There are three work books in this series, each discusses in detail effective workplace communication with employees with a disability. The disabilities include, intellectual disability, ...
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