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    Accessibility Training: Manuals and Tutorials
    The High Tech Center Training Unit at the California Community College creates training manuals and tutorials in assistive computer technologies, alternative media, captioning tools and web accessibil...
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    Accessibility Videos
    DoIT (Division of Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison) has produced three online videos: Introduction to the Screen Reader, Screen Magnification and the Web, Screen Readers and the...
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    ADAPTECH Research Network - Canada
    The Adaptech Research Network conducts research on the use of computer, information, and adaptive technologies by Canadian college and university students with disabilities. Their goal is to provide e...
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    Adaptive and Assistive Technologies in E-learning [ pdf: 153 KB ]
    The ANTA funded report looks at the areas of learning where disadvantaged learners may require assistance and includes information about a selection of assistive and adaptive technologies. It deals wi...
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    AHEAD Annual Conference - Ireland
    The AHEAD Conference 2014 was held in Dublin. This one day conference focused on including students with disabilities in the whole college experience and focused specifically on issues such as: Teachi...
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    Alternative keyboards
    Computer keyboards can come in many different shapes and sizes. People who cannot use normal keyboards might find other designs much easier to use. There are keyboards that can support your hands or b...
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    Apple Mac: Accessibility
    Apple provides reinforcement of speech with reading. Students can use Text-to-Speech Synthesis as an audible method for getting feedback from the computer. Students can have the computer speak the tex...
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    Apps for Literacy Support
    Greg O'Connor from Spectronics has created a list of Apps for iPad and iPod Touch/iPhone that support the literacy needs of people who struggle with reading and writing. Included in the list are Apps...
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    Assistive Software: Balabolka Text to Speech
    Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) freeware program. All computer voices installed on your system are available to Balabolka.
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    Assistive Software: Co:Writer SOLO
    Co:Writer is word prediction software, it recognises and predicts words based on phonetic spellings. Co:Writer is for students who struggle with translating thoughts into writing. Students can effec...
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    Assistive Software: CoolSpeech 5.0
    CoolSpeech is the text-to-speech program for Windows. This software allows you to listen to online news, email messages, clipboard text, keyboard typing and entire text documents spoken by sophisticat...
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    Assistive Software: Dragon Naturally Speaking 12
    This software can create documents, reports, e-mails and more—all by speaking. Use your voice to dictate and edit in virtually all Windows based applications.
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    Assistive Software: DSpeech
    DSpeech is a TTS (Text To Speech) program with functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated. It is able to read aloud the written text and choose the sentences to be pronounced upon ...
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    Assistive Software: E-bility: Software for people with disability
    E-bility has compiled a comprehensive list of enabling software.
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    Assistive Software: Ghotit -writing and reading assistant
    Ghotit was founded by people with dyslexia. Ghotit’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life of a person with dyslexia. Ghotit is not a treatment for dyslexia. It’s a set of services that as...
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    Assistive Software: Japplis Speech
    Japplis Speech is an online text-to-speech application that can speak while you're typing.
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    Assistive Software: JAWS screen reading software,
    JAWS 15.0 is a screen reader, it reads aloud what's on your PC screen, as well as providing access to PC applications via speech and Braille while working with all your Microsoft and IBM Lotus® Sympho...
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    Assistive Software: Kurzweil - Educational Systems
    Kurzweil products are for individuals with learning difficulties (Kurzweil 3000) and for those who are blind (Kurzweil 1000).
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    Assistive Software: Metroplex's MathTalk or Scientific Notebook
    MathTalk allows the user to voice any math from pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, thru Ph.D. and graduate level. This includes voicing graphs! Metroplex's MathTalk TM or Scientific Not...
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    Assistive Software: PowerTalk
    PowerTalk 1.2.14 is a free program that automatically speaks any presentation or slide show running in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows. The advantage over other generic 'Text To Speech' programs is ...
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    Assistive Software: Read & Write GOLD
    Read&Write GOLD is an easy-to-use toolbar containing support tools to make reading, writing and research easier for you. The software was designed to address some of the issues that people with dyslex...
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    Assistive Software: TextAloud 2.0
    TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC. TextAloud can also save your daily reading to MP3 or Windows Media files ready for playback on your iPod, PocketPC, or e...
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    Assistive Software: TypeTalker
    TypeTalker (for Macintosh computers) is an editor that speaks aloud by using Text-To-Speech. It is able to create real-time pronunciation of text as data is being input.
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    Assistive Software: What Colour
    What Colour is colour recognition software which can be downloaded free (1mb file) and gives the RGB (red, green, blue) and the HTML values of the colour.
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    Assistive Software: WinSpeech
    WinSpeech reads text and produces speech to the audio output devices (sound card or PC internal speaker). WinSpeech takes text from files, Windows Clipboard, or through the DDE links from other Window...
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