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    ADCET e-newsletter - October 2013
    This edition is filled with great information that is now available on ADCET - from News of OCD STOP! an online treatment for OCD to Weblinks for further Inherent Requirements for University Courses d...
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    Mental Health: SANE Australia - Factsheets and Podcasts
    SANE Factsheets (with accompanying Podcasts) provide authoritative, up-to-date, and easy-to-read explanations of a range of mental health problems and related issues. Print-ready PDF versions are jus...
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    Finding Information on ADCET
    Having completed the overview you now have a basic understanding of the key issues. To find more detailed information and resources in ADCET you can...
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    Pod Rights: AHRC Podcast
    Pod Rights, a series of podcasts from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) that looks at different human rights issues over a series of fortnightly installments. Many of the podcasts take th...
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    EAV Technology - Live Remote Captioning
    EAV Technology can provide a simple way to transcribe lectures, or even send the audio to a remote Internet podcasting point.
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    Podcast: Students Studying at University with Low Vision
    Two students (one studying for a Bachelor in Creative Writing and the other is studying for a Masters in Primary Teaching) with low vision explain the challenges they confront and conquer in the visu...
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    Ouch!: Online disability magazine
    Ouch! is the BBC's disability magazine, containing columnists, features, weblogs, podcasts, news, opinions and chat community. Ouch! moved to this site in April 2013, the old site can be accessed at h...
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    Autism Matters Podcast Series
    The Autism podcast series (hosted by Dr Laura Crane) aims to showcase the latest research published in Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice in a way that is accessible, easy to u...
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    Podcast: What can a blind architect see?
    ABC Radio National. Chris Downey is blind and he is an architect. He addresses some fascinating questions next on By Design. What makes a building beautiful if you can't see it, and how can you create...
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