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    Finding Information on ADCET
    Having completed the overview you now have a basic understanding of the key issues. To find more detailed information and resources in ADCET you can...
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    Impacts of other impairments on study
    Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is caused by an injury to the motor centre of the brain, which may have occurred before, during or shortly after birth. Manifestations may include involuntary muscle con...
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    Colour Blind and Medicine
    This site is designed to provide information for medical practitioners, medical students and prospective medical students who have colour vision deficiency.
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    Colour Blind: Deficient colour vision & interpretation of histopathology slides
    An article by C J M Poole, consultant occupational physician, D J Hill, optometrist, J L Christie, consultant histopathologist, J Birch, senior lecturer. The article (November 1997) reports on a stud...
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    Colour Blind Awareness & Support Group Australia
    Assisting parents, teachers, career advisers, employers, manufacturers and businesses who need to know about colour blindness. This group of volunteers (non colour blind and colour blind individuals) ...
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