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New South Wales Learning Disability Support Groups

Support groups are generally run by volunteers and attended by those seeking support in the difficulties they, or someone close to them, are experiencing in the area of learning. The use of the term 'learning difficulties' employed by Support Groups is non-categorical and therefore it encompasses both remediable and non-remediable learning difficulties. Support groups can be very helpful for an individual in developing a network of support for themselves and an understanding of relevant resources, research and literature.

This section contains the names and initial contact details for some of the regionally based support groups operating within New South Wales. There are numerous other volunteer run support groups, both urban and rural based, but for reasons of privacy, we are unable to disclose personal contact details. Specific contact details of listed and unlisted support groups in NSW are available through contacting the NSW peak bodies.

A small listing of suburb based Support Groups are identified below. It is recommended that contact be made with the NSW Peak Bodies to investigate suitable support groups for adults with learning disability, learning difficulty, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Adults With ADHD (NSW) Incorporated

Adults with ADHD (NSW) is a social and political network that provides information, lobbies issues within the community and government sectors and advocates on behalf of adults with ADHD.

Contact details
Postal Address: PO Box 22, Epping NSW 1710
Telephone: (02) 9889 5977
FAX: (02) 9889 5988

GLD (Gifted Learning Disability) Support Group

The GLD Support Group supports gifted children who have a specific Learning Disability. The aim of the group is to promote awareness and understanding within the community, collect and disseminate information and provide support to gifted students with learning disabilities, families and education and other support networks. The Group is auspiced by the NSW Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc. and is affiliated with the Learning Difficulties Coalition.

Contact details
Address: c/- NSWAGTC, C/- Hilltop Road Public School, Hilltop Road, Merrylands,
NSW, 2160
Telephone: (02) 9633 5399
(NSW Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc.)

The Dyslexia Support Group for the Sutherland Shire and St George

In this forum parents can talk, exchange ideas, information, resources and experiences with other parents. This support group keeps in contact via email, phone and meeting over coffee on the 4th Monday of the month at 10.30am at a café in Sutherland.

If you are interested as a parent or as professional in attending the meetings or going on the email list please email:  There is also a yahoo group for working and out of area parents to get information on dyslexia and stay in contact with other parents -

The Learning Difficulties Coalition NSW Inc

LDC is a coalition of parent group organisations representing learning difficulties, AD/HD,dyslexia, Tourette Syndrome,Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, Dyspraxia and Anxiety Disorders. New parent support groups are welcome to join the Committee.

Callers to the Parent Helpline - 02 9806 9960 - can be put in touch with other support groups in their local area.